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Research Center for Materials Design & Application of Xiamen University
Updated: 2016-12-13
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Research Center for Materials Design & Application of Xiamen University (Hereinafter referred to as the Center) was established in November, 2004. Professor Xingjun Liu is the director. The Center has 9 researchers, including 2 recipients of the National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2 visiting professors with “Minjiang Scholar” titles, and 1 visiting professor from Xiamen University. Furthermore, there are 3 doctoral advisors (professors), 1 associate professor, 3 technical and research staffs, and more than 40 master and doctoral students in this Center.

The Center aims to improve the conventional practice in material R&D in which the trial-and-error method is frequently utilized in researching and developing new materials. It emphasizes such philosophy as developing new materials based on material design. On the basis of material thermodynamics and kinetics theory, the Center gives full play to its advantages by establishing and developing material design system, aiming to make breakthroughs in material design theories and methods so as to precisely predict the physical, chemical and mechanical properties for multi-element metallic and inorganic materials. It covers research fields including the metallic material design, semiconductor packaging materials, material design and microstructure simulation, phase diagram calculation, self-assembly composite materials, magnetic nanoparticle thin-film materials, shape memory alloy and intelligent materials, the first-principle material computation, metallic nanoparticle synthesis, magnetostriction materials and piezoelectric ceramics. To date, we have laid a solid foundation in the field of metallic materials with high performance and have made several scientific achievements. While focusing on basic research, we pay much attention to transforming scientific achievements into products and serving local material companies by enhancing their innovation capabilities.

Material research experts at home and abroad are welcome to visit and collaborate with the Center. And we extend warm welcome to the graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral candidates to our Center.

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